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Consolidating finances when marrying

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Figuring out the best way to manage your money as a couple takes a lot of discussion, and some trial and error.And as your relationship grows and changes, the way you handle money will grow and change too.When we sold the house, the assets were combined with our joint funds (everything is joint now), but up until that moment, it remained my property.I hear about clients who are engaged and buying homes together because the interest rates are so low and I cringe and pray that it's all going to work out perfectly in the end.This was also one of the reasons I really wanted to get out of debt before we got married. When you become husband and wife, you’re committing to ALL of that person. THEN you can have the vulnerable spouse be an authorized user on the account. Now, I will say that in our marriage, John is the primary decision maker and “.” He pays our bills and does all of that crap that makes my head hurt.My debt was my issue and my mistake and I didn’t want my husband having to deal with it. That way, same rules apply, but you’re not risking that account being open to creditors. I am in the know on everything, whether I understand it or not.From my friends to my family, I’ve seen couples keep their finances totally separate; completely combine everything; and then some variation of combining and keeping separate.

Yes, you read that correctly -- the man she married a year ago still expects her to split the check with him.

It's not that he doesn't spend money on his wife or that he denies her anything (they both have good professional careers), it's just that they have never been able to agree on how to combine their funds in a manageable way.

As a result, she is bitter and embarrassed about how he acts with money.

I’m not talking about the super important financial discussions you should have with your partner before you combine finances. I know that a common question before deciding how to merge your finances is whether money and assets are martial property once you’re married.

It varies by state, but in general (and in most states), anything you own before you are married is your own property and it does not become your spouse’s once you are married, as.